Series: The Cade Saga
First published: Jun 04 2015
Followed by: The Descenders
Preceeded by: The Nameless One

Doombringer is the second book of the Cade saga – the fourth trilogy in the Edge Chronicles series.

Cade Quarter is building a new life for himself in the wild Farrow Ridges, miles away from civilization – and from the enemies who are seeking him. But when his new home is threatened by villainous mire-pearlers on board a sinister slave ship, the Doombringer, Cade and his friends must find a way to defend the land they love, and the wise and beautiful secrets it holds.

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  • “Once again an excellent book from the bestselling tandem of Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell”


  • “Glorious and deserves a huge 5/5”

    Patrick, Reading School, Year 10

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