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The Edge Chronicles started with the map. Chris drew it in one of his sketchbooks and then gave it to Paul. ‘This is The Edge,’ he said. ‘Tell me what happens there.’

From The Deepwoods to Sanctaphrax, from Undertown to the Twilight Woods, from Riverrise to the Farrow Ridges, explore the cartography of The Edge.

The Edge itself is a fictional cliff where The Edge Chronicles, a five-saga series of fantasy novels co-created by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, is set. A massive spur of rock, it juts out into Open Sky like the prow of a ship, and is divided into several distinct areas, including forests, swamps, fertile plains and barren rocklands.

The Edge

Image of The Edge

The Deepwoods Settlements

Image of The Deepwoods Settlements

The Great Glade

Image of The Great Glade

The Edge in The Third Age of Flight

Image of The Edge in The Third Age of Flight

The Farrow Ridges

Image of The Farrow Ridges

Old Undertown

Image of Old Undertown

New Undertown

Image of New Undertown

The Goblin Nations

Image of The Goblin Nations