Series: The Twig Saga
First published: Nov 04 1999
Followed by: Midnight Over Sanctaphrax
Preceeded by: Beyond the Deepwoods

Stormchaser is the second book of the Twig saga the second trilogy in the Edge Chronicles.

Twig Verginix has now realised his dream of becoming a sky pirate, exploring the skies of the Edge as a crew-member of The Stormchaser. That is until Cloud Wolf forbids him from coming on the dangerous quest to collect stormphrax a valuable substance created inside the heart of a Great Storm.

Twig refuses to leave his beloved skyship and smuggles himself on board The Stormchaser. But can the ship and its crew survive the destructive force of the Great Storm itself?

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  • “For readers who love fantasy ”


  • “Fabulously illustrated . . . and written with more than usual elegance”

    The Sunday Times

  • “The turning of every page is filled with a sense of anticipation”

    Fantasy Book Review

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