Series: The Twig Saga
First published: Nov 04 1999
Followed by: Midnight Over Sanctaphrax
Preceeded by: Beyond the Deepwoods

Stormchaser is the second book of the Twig saga – the second trilogy in the Edge Chronicles.

Twig Verginix has now realised his dream of becoming a sky pirate, exploring the skies of the Edge as a crew-member of The Stormchaser. That is until Cloud Wolf forbids him from coming on the dangerous quest to collect stormphrax – a valuable substance created inside the heart of a Great Storm.

Twig refuses to leave his beloved skyship and smuggles himself on board The Stormchaser. But can the ship – and its crew – survive the destructive force of the Great Storm itself?

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  • “For readers who love fantasy ”


  • “Fabulously illustrated . . . and written with more than usual elegance”

    The Sunday Times

  • “The turning of every page is filled with a sense of anticipation”

    Fantasy Book Review

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