Midnight Over Sanctaphrax

Series: The Twig Saga
First published: Oct 05 2000
Followed by: The Last of the Sky Pirates
Preceeded by: Stormchaser

Midnight Over Sanctaphrax is the third book of the Twig saga, the second trilogy in the Edge Chronicles.

Twig Verginix has gained a formidable reputation as the young sky pirate captain who dared to sail over the Edge. But far out in open sky a storm is brewing. In its path lies Sanctaphrax – the great floating city tethered to the land by a massive chain.

Twig has learned of the approaching danger, but a perilous voyage destroys his sky ship, hurling his crew into and beyond the Deepwoods and robbing Twig of his memories. The race against the storm begins, as Twig struggles to reach Sanctaphrax and save its inhabitants before it is too late.

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  • “Combines skilfully paced narrative with global issues such as slavery and environmental destruction. Lots of surprising plot developments... full of everything”


  • “At the sharp end of today's fantasy novels”

    The Times

  • “In the Tolkien/Pratchett tradition, fabulously illustrated and written with more than usual elegance”

    The Sunday Times

  • “Midnight Over Sanctaphrax is an excellent fantasy book, one that gives the trilogy the finale it deserves”

    Fantasy Book Review

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