The Immortals

Series: The Nate Saga
First published: Sep 14 2010
Followed by: The Nameless One
Preceeded by: Freeglader

The Immortals is the explosive conclusion to the Quint, Twig and Rook sagas of the Edge Chronicles.

It’s five hundred years into the third age of flight and mighty phraxships steam across the immensity of the Deepwoods, plying their lucrative trade between the three great cities. Nate Quarter, a young Lamplighter from the mines of the Eastern Woods, is propelled on an epic journey of self-discovery that encompasses tournaments, battles, revolutions and a final encounter with the Immortals themselves.

This book concludes the Quint, Twig and Rook sagas but can also be used as a way  for new readers to discover the series before going back to read the individual Twig, Rook and Quint trilogies.

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  • “It's a huge, adventure-packed novel, filled with delights for the series’ many, many fans”

    Independent on Sunday

  • “A fabulous climax to the most original and dramatic fantasy series– a standalone read ideal for new readers, a great entry point into the series”

    School Librarian

  • “Innovative, moving and totally compelling, it's bound to be a runaway”


  • “The ultimate Edge Chronicles adventure”


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